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03 January 2002 @ 06:22 pm
Season 2 thoughts  
The studio's recent works were shown in the past week here at Top Draw, and CotT S-2 was of course, one of them. Add to that the storyboards that I read in addition to what I am about to write down, I had made my rough comparison, more or less, to the previous season and the one shown today.

If I were to sum up the comparison, it's like this: S-1 animation, so-so, story ok; S-2 animation ok, story so-so. The nitty-gritty: What I like about the first season is that it's not all about fighting; it's about the growing-up years and the camaraderie of a bunch of teens forced to be the sole saviors of the world minus the campy superhero kitsch. The character development and interaction served its purpose well, and without making the whole thing too "talky". In the second season though, it seems like character development was set aside in favor of more action, fighting and accomodation of more mythological figures. The last is not bad, which I am aware is one of the points of the show's creation, but honestly, it could have been done better. More action for the kids? I don't know; S-2's already has a considerable amount of violence for a kiddie show, e.g. charas getting beaten up, falling from great heights, Zeus getting impaled(oops,too much is given away)....I can only guess that the system up there is "9-12 = bloodless violence". As a result, a lot of people here found the whole thing uninteresting, not even the remaining semblances of character interaction like the Archie-Atlanta-Pan love triangle and the Jay-Theresa romance can keep them in. But in fairness, both seasons' battle sequences are well thought-out and executed.

The second rant is my biggest one yet; as an unabashed Jay fangirl, I found myself screaming inside: WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM??!! In the first season, his personality was established as a kindly older bro to a brood of 6 younger siblings(at least that's how I could put in in words) albeit with some insecurities that springs from being a youngster that was forced into something as big as saving the world, and that manifests in the way he's greatly affected when anyone of the team is in danger. Sure, he's also somewhat cheeky, but in such a way that it makes him look more cute; and the assertiveness that he manifested in S-1 (when he challenged Campe to a one-on-one)springs from his inherent manly pride (and is also one of the best though out fight sequences in the show IMHO). But the perfect balance between Mr. Goody-two-shoes and the assertive headcase is what I liked about him. In S-2 though, it's as if they had emphasized on the assertive headcase part of him, having read from the official S-2 project plan list that his being an assertive leader is going to be emphasized. But it turned out that his assertiveness has been blown to horrendous proportions, such that, pardon the term, he's become a borderline a-hole. Witness "Graes' Anatomy", in which Cronus asks why they(the kids) keep on fighting him, Jay blurted out that he's "in no position to ask questions." What the? Even if Cronus is a bad guy, he's still an older guy(or god), and basing from the way I know Jay, he's not the one to talk to someone older in such a rude way. In "Game Plan", in which they played against Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune for the cornucopia, and Neil got turned into a baby as a result of losing a turn; Jay was distraught with what Fortuna said about him not being able to do anything during Neil's turn, he brings out his sword and points it at Fortuna's throat, saying "I had enough of your selfish game." Well, I'd tolerate thet if the plan was to make Jay more aggressive than before, but that's not the worst. In "Cronus 2.0", during which Jay envisions himself playing against Cronus in chess, and then Theresa asks to play against him, and he lost. In the height of frustration, Jay swipes the board and pieces off thet table and threw a fit. Argh. Tantrums is definitely not something a lot of people would associate him with. Not to mention that he had become overly bossy and pushy with the other members of the team--I loved how Archie and Atlanta mocked him for that. I guess they're trying to show the extent of Jay's obsession with defeating Cronus, but come on, surely they can do better than make him utter that rude line in "Graes' Anatomy".

But another possibility of why they turned teh Leader into such is that they are trying to set it up as one of the consequences of what happens to Theresa in the last 2 episodes of S-2. She turns evil, explodes with power and turns her anger against the gods, and "dies" from power overload. Much as I felt sorry for Jay when he cried his eyes out in that scene, I felt a sadistic, triumphant sense of gloating that went like "serves you right for what you've been doing". But don't worry; she's alive, and follows it up with a kiss, two big ones at that!

Whew, that turned out longer than I expeted.
(Deleted comment)
Wandering felineteigeki_calesa on October 22nd, 2007 12:05 pm (UTC)
I didn't put up the spoiler warning for nothing *winks*
na_ali1293: Squirrelna_ali1293 on October 25th, 2007 03:10 am (UTC)
Ok, can I say the part with Theresa sounds really really cool? I can?! Ok, it sounds really, really cool!

But it's true about Jay. He's so much...as you put it, an "a-hole". He's really starting to annoy me. I guess the Cronus thing is going to drive him crazy. Actually, I bet a virtual cookie that he snaps either in this season, or th next season.

But thanks for the spoilers!
Wandering felineteigeki_calesa on October 25th, 2007 01:24 pm (UTC)
He HAS snapped.

When I was reading the storyboards, I was like, facepalming throughout those scenes. Like I said, he was already good with the nice guy-headcase balance,and why I became his fangirl in the first place. Why tip it in favor of the headcase part? If they EVER make a 3rd season, I hope they get to do something about it(as if!).

Actually, what annoyed me in the last 2 eps instead was Theresa. I mean, whoa, can one single spoiled teen bring down the Greek gods? But make no mistake; I'm annoyed, but that doesn't necessarily mean I hate her. I can name anime characters who are far more annoying.